About Our Program

Raising Puppies for Womderful Families.

Our Health Guarantee

It is extremely important to us that we provide families with healthy puppies. Before they join heir new families, each puppy will have a full checkup to ensure they are healthy when they leave our arms. A letter from our vet, their vaccination report, and worming report will accompany all puppies as to any findings and health of the puppies. We also have a 2 year health guarantee that is for all puppies. (We can not guarantee against any internal/external parasites, but we work hard to prevent them.)

Potty Training

Potty training is a major part of a breeders job, and we don’t take it lightly. Their is nothing worse than picking out a cute puppy, getting them home, and finding out that they are NOT potty trained whatsoever. We have a very simple process at Endless Summer Farms, but one only the breeder should do.


 Starting at 3-4 weeks old (depending on the breed) we start to introduce potty training to our little ones. It’s a messy job, but doesn’t take very long. We start with a very large potty area and small eating/sleeping/play area. As the days go by, we will decrease the potty area and increase the others. 


By 4-5 weeks old, your little ones know where to potty. At 5 weeks old we introduce them to going potty outside in the grass as well as how to use a doggy door. When your new little ones go to their new homes, only allow them to potty outside. At this point, they are old enough to not have a potty area inside. Each time you take them to the potty, make sure that they walk to the door, don’t carry them. Take them to the same spot each time they potty since their scent is already there. Praise, not treats, is always the right encouragement for a job well done.


Puppies have very small bellies that don’t hold very much, don’t go long times without taking them to the potty. If you do, they will have an accident in the house.