Endless Summer Farms

Guardian Program

 If you have ever been interested in becoming a Guardian to one of our males or females, now is the time. This is not a foster program, but a program for our breeding males and females to live with a wonderful and loving family, while in our breeding program, and when no longer breeding, retire with this family. This is an opportunity for you to get a high quality dog valued between $10k and $15k at no charge to you. Our breeding males and females are considered pick of the litter, are health tested and cleared. We love them very much and want them to live with wonderful families who can love them like we do. 

To be considered as a Guardian you must agree to the following:

  1. For a female the Guardian must live within 200 miles of Dacusville, SC. For a male the guardian must live within 60 miles. 
  2. Be able to provide a safe, loving home with adequate vet care. We cover all breeding related expenses including spay/neutering when retired. Guardian is to cover routine visits, yearly vaccination, heart  worm and flea/tick prevention safe for breeding stock, etc. 
  3. Not already own an unaltered male or female dog.
  4. Allow us access to the male or female during breeding/whelping seasons, breeding related vet appointments, etc.
  5. Maintain open line of communication, be easy to work with. 
  6. If you move out of the set distances, and the dog is still in our breeding program, you will relinquish him/her to our care.
  7. Our males and females are inside dwelling dogs, not kennel dogs. They are to live inside your home and not tethered or kenneled outside. 
  8. Must have a physical fence for when letting them outside to potty. If you don’t have a physical fence, they are not allowed outside unleashed. 
  9. Provide obedience training, keep them well socialized, leash/crate training. 
  10. Keep the puppy/dog well groomed.
  11. Send us pictures at least 4 times a year so we can update the current ones we use.
  12. Only feed TLC puppy and dog food and treats. 
If you are interested in becoming a Guardian to one of our sweet girls or boys, please fill out an application on our Application page for our review.